Service Coordinator

Service Coordinator

General Skills & Training

  • Thorough understanding of accounting and finance as it relates to the field of HVAC/R.
  • Ability to pass the accounting II examination.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exceptional organizational skills.
  • Exceptional leadership skills.
  • Exceptional “people” and diplomacy skills necessary to successfully resolve all customer concerns, problems with the company, and complaints about work performed.
  • Ability to meet the general skills and training


  • Carry out duties assigned by the General Manager, President (Owner).
  • Plan, coordinate and direct the overall operation of the Service Department.
  • Monitor and direct the Home Comfort Agreement program.
  • Administer the Flat Rate Plus software system. Create, edit, and delete repairs and items as required. Be sure that technicians are using their books properly. Conduct meeting as needed.
  • Be sure that technicians understand when and how to correctly use the time and material pricing systems.
  • Set Get and Keep Customers standards for all Service Technicians.
  • See that all local and state codes are properly met.
  • Evaluate the strength of the Service Department and maintain a service work force consistent with business activity.


  • Keep accurate records of material and equipment.
  • Verify time records of personnel for payment and accounting purposes.
  • Work with Engineering, Sales, Administration and Production to assure customer satisfaction.
  • Keep up-to-date posted records of scheduled calls and backlog.
  • Appoint as necessary, technical advisors to assist in field supervision and training.
  • Plan and schedule all service work on job sites, coordinating with Production for equipment start-up when necessary.
  • Actively promote the sale of replacements, service, and all Home Comfort Agreements.
  • Track monthly gross margin contributions of the Service Department, by means of accounting information and written reports to the General Manager/Owner.
  • See that all safety rules are followed and that all equipment is safe to use.
  • Schedule and attend training sessions covering all aspects of service operations, including technical and sales training.
  • Conduct semiannual performance evaluations on Service Technicians and Technical Advisors.
  • Check select completed calls for workmanship, efficiency and proper procedures.
  • Keep a master file of technical information on all manufacture’s equipment for reference purpose.
  • Check service invoices as they come in for accuracy and completion of information.
  • Assist Service Technicians and Technical Advisors with major service problems, when necessary.
  • Stay within budget figures for unapplied labor and travel time.
  • Coordinate parts requirements with Warehouse Coordinator.
  • Conduct weekly meetings with Service Technicians at consistent days and times of the week. Meeting format should include the following: have a Service Technician tell one success, or extra mile, story from the preceding week, review past performance and areas of concern, discuss diagnostic and repair problems, congratulate worthy individuals based on customer response and sales, motivate Service Technicians to involve customers in Home Comfort Agreements, encourage, motivate and assist in lead generation, hand out monthly spiffs to co-workers designed to promote ongoing programs, as well as to increase overall morale.
  • Administer, encourage, and manage contests.
  • Establish and review past, present, and future goals.
  • Handle customer service complaints in a professional manner with the focus on “more than satisfied customers” in all decisions.
  • Recruit, hire, and train all future Service Technicians, administer a recruiting program with incentives from within, and oversee placement of related advertising within budget limitations. Do all initial interviewing and then present management with the final candidates.
  • Support the Sales Department with assistance in answering technical questions and recognizing applications.
  • Conduct regular scheduled safety inspections of employee and company owned tools and equipment.
  • Conduct regular scheduled safety inspections of company owned vehicles.

The ideal candidate for this position must possess a strong mechanical aptitude and understanding of the HVAC and refrigeration tools and equipment. Ideal candidate will possess a strong and driven sales mind, have at least 10 years of HVAC experience. Compensation will be determined by education and experience