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We are proud to bring our clients in Worcester and surrounding areas premier heating and cooling services. If it turns out your need your HVAC system maintained, repaired, or replaced, contact us today and our expert technicians will guide you through the process and help you choose a solution that best fits your needs. Contact us anytime at (508) 556 0968

Equipment We Service


We offer a wide range of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) services in Worcester and surrounding cities for homes and businesses. There is no job that is too big or too small for our dedicated and qualified professionals. We are always expanding our line of services to better suit our clients needs.

The list includes but not limited to systems we install, repair and maintain:

Ductless Mini Splits

Indoor Air Quality

Forced Air Furnace

Heat Pumps

Packaged Units

Accessories and add-ons

Conventional Split Systems



Ductless Mini Splits:

Would a ductless mini split system work well for your Worcester County, MA home or business? If you live in New England, you know that the winters are cold, summers are hot and old-style window unit air conditioners are very expensive, loud, and inefficient to run. Ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps are extremely quiet and energy efficient and provide an excellent solution for comfort year-round.

Ductless systems are a wonderful way to solve everything from hot and cold spots in a home to providing conditioning for an entire house. It is possible to run up to eight indoor heads off just one outdoor unit, giving you the ability to control both heating and cooling in a single room. This allows you to decide the ideal temperature in each individual room. Ductless systems can greatly reduce your energy costs and may also be eligible for large rebates from your local utility companies.

Learn more on ductless mini-split systems here

Forced Air Furnance:

Most American homes, particularly those built in the past decade or two, rely on a forced-air furnace to supply warm air, via air registers (grills, vents), located throughout the entire home. These furnace systems require ducts, which transport the heated air through wall/crawl spaces to the registers and can be powered by natural gas or fuel oil.

With gas furnaces, a ignitor ignites the fuel in order to heat a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers heat to the air, which is then forced through the system by a blower. Most of today’s forced-air furnaces are energy efficient and their blowers can be used to distribute cool air from the A/C in the summer using a evaporator coil attached to the furnace.

Packaged Units:

If you live in New England, you’ve probably seen a packaged air conditioner either on top of or next to a business or home without realizing it. At first glance, a packaged unit looks very similar to an outdoor air conditioning or heat pump condenser, with one big difference — there aren’t any indoor devices that connect to it. Instead, what you see is what you get.

A packaged unit is a all-in-one HVAC equipment that is spatially efficient, making it ideal for situations where indoor square footage is at a premium. Packaged units produce conditioned air that is forced into a series of ducts running throughout the house.

Package unit types:
   Packaged Air Conditioner
   Packaged Heat Pumps
   Packaged Gas / Electric (most common)
   Packaged Dual Fuel

No matter which configuration you choose, you can count on quiet operation and year-round comfort. Packaged systems are compact, so they’re ideal for homes or businesses with limited space. They can be placed outside at ground level or on your rooftop.


Air Cleaners:

Premier offers residential air cleaners to improve the indoor air quality in your home like mechanical air cleaners that use HEPA filters to capture particles before they are dispersed in your air. 

Heat Pumps:

A heat pump is a super-efficient, economical, and environmentally-friendly way to heat and cool your home for year-round comfort. Heat pumps run on electricity, but their extreme high efficiency makes them affordable to operate. A heat pump works by harvesting heat energy. Believe it or not, everything that is warmer than outer space has heat energy in it, and heat pumps are able to push that energy into or out of your home. Even when it’s below zero, there’s still heat in the air. A heat pump effectively extracts heat from the cold outdoors, concentrates it, and delivers it inside to keep you comfortable all winter. According to the laws of physics, a lot less energy is required to move heat than to create it. The two main types of air source heat pumps, ductless (mini splits) and ducted. Ducted Heat Pumps use your home’s existing ductwork (or new ducts if needed) to disperse heated or cooled air throughout your home.

Check out our FAQs for more information on heat pumps


We Size, Build, Install & Seal Ductwork!

If your home or business has leaky ducts, or if ductwork was installed that is too small to do the job, you’re going to notice! These common duct problems make it difficult to stay comfortable indoors—you may even notice poorer indoor air quality.

we’ll focus on uncovering and solving any ductwork issues, improving your indoor air quality, and working towards providing your HVAC system with its optimal efficiency.

You deserve to be comfortable! We’ll help you get there with professional air duct services.

Properly sized and sealed ductwork has so many benefits! Namely, it can:

• Improve airflow and temperature consistency throughout a space

• Improve indoor air quality, so you can breathe better

• Prevent leaks, which means better energy efficiency

• Reduce wear and tear on system components

Smart Thermostats:

You can control many programmable thermostats wirelessly with a remote or your smartphone. That way, you can easily make last-minute changes from anywhere. You can also receive maintenance reminders, humidity monitoring and indoor air quality monitoring. Some smart thermostats let you set a code to keep guests or kids from making unauthorized changes, as well. With a smart or programmable thermostat, you can stay comfortable while saving power.


Many devices for your HVAC system can help you conserve energy and save money. They can also make your home in Worcester, MA more comfortable and even increase its value. Keep reading to learn more about popular HVAC accessories and how they can help your family.


Conventional Split System:

A central heating and cooling system features two components that control the indoor air temperature, along with vents that distribute the regulated air throughout your house. The indoor portion of the system has an evaporator and furnace, and a compressor and condenser outside. The evaporator coil collects hot air from inside a living area. When the air travels through the unit, the refrigerant absorbs it and brings the heat outside through the condenser. The vents bring the cooled air into the room.

The other component in a central HVAC system is the heating portion, which features an indoor furnace powered by gas or electricity with a blower, an exhaust flue and a heat exchanger. The blower sends cold air across the exchanger, which heats the air before the ducts carry it throughout the home. As a result, a central split system will provide an even airflow, maximizing your living space’s comfort.

ERV’s / HRV’s:

Proper ventilation is vital for the quality of your indoor air. An ERV / HRV can remove viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compounds that can get past your HVAC system’s air filter. It can reduce illnesses, allergy symptoms, dizziness, headaches, and other problems by removing stale air and filtering fresh air. It can even:

• Help keep your ductwork clean

• Lower the amount of dust on your floors and furniture

• Extend your HVAC system’s life by reducing wear and preventing breakdowns


Whole Home Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers:

Adding moisture to your air is ideal for your health. Whole-home humidifiers help minimize your risk of illness as viruses and bacteria do not survive in moist air. Since humidifiers add moisture to the nasal passages and respiratory systems, they could also help decrease snoring and, in some cases, do away with it entirely leading to a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Premier Heating and Cooling also offers a wide variety of safety accessories like:

Safety Wet switches
Detects water leaks and shuts system down to prevent flooding


Air conditioner surge protector
Protects your compressor and delicate circuit boards against power surges


Start assist kit
Reduces starting amps and that dimming of your lights on compressor startup. It also extends the life of your compressor

And many more!


UV-C Air Cleaners:

A UV-C lamp will prevent biological growth and help keep your HVAC system working efficiently. It’ll keep illnesses like the flu from spreading and protect people who already have health problems from infection. It can also prevent asthma or allergy symptoms from pests and their droppings. To keep your UV lamp working well, you should have the bulb changed about once per year. There are some UV-C technologies out there combined with activated carbon, that provide amazing home purification like the APCO-X. Learn more about it by clicking the link below


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