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What to expect during a Premier Heating and Cooling Service Call

Are you unsure what to expect when you call for an HVAC repair? It can be daunting having someone work in your home. If you don’t know what they’re doing, that can add another level of stress. Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect from quality HVAC repair service.

Before They Arrive

Before your highly qualified, NATE Certified technician arrives, you should receive a call or text letting you know they’re on their way.

We will also send pictures accompanied by bios of anybody that will be working at your home ahead of time. Most of the time for repairs, this will be one person, although occasionally the technician may be accompanied by a co-worker or Apprentice. This is an additional safety and comfort factor before a stranger enters your home. Premier Heating and Cooling performs extensive criminal background and drug screens of every employee.

Starting The Visit

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Your technician should arrive in a clean, signature, orange and blue, Premier Heating and Cooling marked vehicle. When you open the door, the technician will be properly uniformed with photo ID badge. There should be a quick inspection of the thermostat. This is one of the most common HVAC problems. The technician will make sure the thermostat is working before checking other areas. They might take the time during this process to ask you a few questions to better evaluate your needs.  If the thermostat is in perfect working condition, the technician will commence on a more intensive examination.

Finding the Cause of the Problem

If the thermostat is fine, the technician will begin carefully checking other components of your HVAC system. This will start a process of trial and error. Any number of factors could be causing the problem with your equipment. The professional who has come to your home will investigate all possibilities from the most common issues to the least likely possibility. This process could take from five minutes to over an hour. You’ll want the technician to be thorough during this time. 

Premier Heating and Cooling offer the latest products for testing and improving Indoor Air Quality

At Premier Heating and Cooling, safety and comfort is our business. Beyond our traditional HVAC services, we also offer an array of indoor air quality products. Contact us today for your IAQ assessment.

Completing the Repair


After the cause of the issue has been determined, and before any work is completed, you should receive up front written estimate of the repair cost. An experienced technician might give you more than one option to get your unit fixed. In an extreme scenario, you may find it better to replace the whole system rather than pay for a costly fix. At this time, you should not be afraid to ask questions. Your technician will explain the repair process for you. Once you’ve got a complete understanding and agree to the repair, they will go ahead and complete the job and collect payment at the end. If the broken part is common, many company representatives will be able to correct your system immediately. However, there are times when a part must be ordered. In that case, another appointment will be scheduled to return and complete the job.

Our Heating Repair team understands how major a heating system break down can be, and how many problems and inconveniences it may cause. For this reason, we try to respond to your calls immediately, and offer a 24-hour Heating Repair emergency service for our members. It is important to understand that even though we will get to you as soon as possible, sometimes the availability of parts may play a big role in getting the Heating System Repair done fast, and bring back to you the comfort of a cool home. Premier Heating and Cooling carries most of what is needed to complete the job in one trip most of the time. This streamlines the process and gets you back up and running faster.

Heating Repair


Heating systems depend on a number of interconnected components to keep your home warm, and every one of those components can break at any given time. When one does, we are ready 24/7 to do a full diagnostic check on your system